Rainforest QA changelog
Rainforest QA changelog

Usability improvements






Our product teams have spent a lot of the past month focused on improving the usability of the platform so you can manage your testing more easily and quickly.

2022-02-16_17-26-46 (1).gif

Usability improvements include:

  • Pre-fill the element name field if the captured screenshot contains text.
  • Redesigned the Tests page to make it easier to navigate and customize your list of tests.
  • Sped up the load times of the Tests and Results pages.
  • Added more bulk-edit options including setting tests to draft, removing tests from a feature, and more.
  • Added breadcrumbs so it’s easier to see where you are in your Run Groups and Features.
  • Updated failure categorization tags to include avatar of the test reviewer.
  • Consolidated toggles for Tests, Features, and Run Groups into a single view.
  • Updated tables in the Tests, Features, Run Groups, and TWS pages to show your total number of records.

Other recent improvements: