Test Owner & Emailing Team Members

Notify team members about a failure categorization & Surface the test owner.

This feature adds further value to failure categorization by creating a sense of ownership over tests and enabling customers to ensure actions get taken on failures that have been categorized.

Before this feature, the value of failure categorization was primarily limited to reporting via the QA visibility report. Now, with email notifications to team members, you can get a lot more value out of the feature by ensuring actions get taken against failures that have been categorized.

You now clearly see who the test owner for a particular test is. Once they categorize a failure, you are prompted with a modal that allows you to provide some context on the categorization and select a team member to notify about it. The team member fields default to the test owner, but you can change that to email a developer about a bug, or email it to someone else about a test that needs to be refactored for example.