Test Designer: Automatic Test Author Assignment Algorithm

Rainforest automatically assigns test authors to test writing request based on the number of requests submitted, test author capacity, and test author previous experience.

The automatic assignment algorithm will speed up the distribution of test writing requests in order to return tests back to the customer faster. By introducing the previous experience criteria into the algorithm, the system will assign the same authors to repeat client’s requests over time. This allows test authors to develop domain knowledge for a particular client. Additionally, by looking at the number of requests submitted by a user and matching them to test authors with capacity, the system can efficiently manage the distribution of tests to testers to balance the work and return tests faster.

The assignment algorithm first identifies all test authors with previous writing experience for a particular client. It will then sort the authors by the least number of active jobs. The algorithm will then review the number of tests submitted for a request in order to determine the number of test authors to assign. If it is the first time a client has submitted a test writing request, the algorithm will bypass the previous experience criteria until the client’s subsequent test writing request.