Test Case Priority

Easier management of your test suite and results

Not all tests are created equal: with Test Priority, you can set a priority for each test case in your suite to indicate the relative importance of that test flow to your app (P1, P2, or P3), and start to see results in order of priority.

How to add Test Priority

In the app, there are several places to assign priority from:

  • When you create a New Test, you must set the importance from the test creation flow. This is a required field, and we don't default to any value;
  • When editing an individual test, you can use the dropdown in the navigation on the right hand side of the screen to set the priority. We don't store historical values for priority and will always consider the latest priority set;
  • When requesting tests via Test Designer, you can specify how important each test returned to you should be when you upload the videos or introduce text outlines
  • You can also use the CLI to add priority. When using the CLI, we will validate that a P1, P2 or P3 priority was added when you upload the tests.

Coming in the future:

  • RFML support for test priority
  • Tests requested from Test Designer returned in order of priority.