Rainforest QA changelog
Rainforest QA changelog

New workflows for managing test results






When it comes to test automation, it’s inevitable that tests sometimes fail. It happens for many reasons: bugs, UI changes, environment issues, random errors. Successful teams use a clear process to keep their test suites maintained and healthy, investigating and addressing all failures quickly to prevent them from recurring.

We’re excited to announce new features that makes it easy for you to stay on top of test failures and collaborate on test results with your team.

Failure status image.png

In the Results page, see which of your test failures still need to be resolved in the new “Failure Status” field, and mark what’s been addressed as Resolved.

Assigning test failures


When failures happen, it’s important someone is responsible for investigating and resolving them. Assign (or re-assign) team members to resolve each failure.

New Tasks page


Keep track of all test failures that need attention on the new Tasks page, a built-in todo list.

Broken test reminders


We always recommend disabling broken tests so they don’t cause noisy results. However, if you allow broken tests to keep running, we now remind you that the test has open failure tasks from previous runs. No more guesswork; you’ll immediately know the cause of the test failure.

Summaries of resolved run failures


See at a glance in the Results page which runs have been cleared by your team, and those that still have failures that need attention.

Other recent improvements:

  • You can now remove test priority tags and bulk-change test priority