Mobile App upload via the CLI

Use the CLI to upload your mobile app directly to Rainforest

To help new (and existing) users onboard better and easier, we now allow a direct mobile app upload to Rainforest via the command line interface so your app can be ready for testing. This way, we move away from using third party tools for uploads that have proven to be a cumbersome and non-intuitive process.

To kick this off, you’ll need to install the Rainforest command line interface (find helpful guides here).

Once set up, use the following command to view your list of environments.

rainforest environments --token REPLACE_ME

Next, use the following command to view your list of sites.

rainforest sites --token REPLACE_ME

Both sites and environments can be added and edited through the Settings page on our platform. Select the relevant site ID and environment ID and use in the following command while uploading your app.

rainforest mobile-upload --token REPLACE_ME --site-id 1234 --environment-id 5678 my_app.apk

Go back to the Settings page to view your newly uploaded app. Then, kick off your first test on this new app.