Rainforest QA changelog
Rainforest QA changelog

Embedded tests are now Reusable Snippets






All embedded tests have been automatically migrated to become Reusable Snippets.

Reusable Snippets are similar to embedded tests — they're building blocks that make it easy to quickly create and maintain tests that contain common user flows. When you edit a Snippet, changes propagate to any tests (or other Reusable Snippets) that contain that Snippet.

You can create Reusable Snippets from scratch or by extracting steps from existing tests.


In the new Reusable Snippets tab in the Tests page, you can manage your Snippets and see where each of them is being used in your test suite.


Other recent improvements:

  • Added the ability to precisely re-crop existing screen shots in the Visual Editor.
  • Added bulk editing of tags.
  • Updated the handling of auto-naming retaken screen shots.