Rainforest QA changelog
Rainforest QA changelog

Diagnose test failures with automation logs






You can now see – in plain English – everything the automation service does to execute each test step. Often in combination with other logs, this can help you diagnose test failures.

Automation logs are visible by default for failed steps. You can also toggle logs with the "Automation Logs" checkbox just above test steps in test results.


Other recent improvements:

  • No longer display cost in credits when selecting a browser for running automation.
  • Added a new "Switch to Live Preview" button to the test editor when editing a test using screen grabs of past results.
  • Also in the test editor, the "Save" button now appears as "Saved" until there are changes made to the test.
  • Snippets no longer auto-collapse when a test is being previewed – this will make autoscroll more smooth.
  • In the Visual Editor, you'll now see if your test is on the Main branch.