Rainforest QA changelog
Rainforest QA changelog

Add comments to test steps






Comments are plain-text snippets you can add to your test steps to provide context, clarification, or explanation. They don’t change the way tests work — they simply provide information to make tests easier to read and understand.

You can add comments to your test steps just like you’d add a test action:


Other recent improvements:

In the Tests page:

  • It’s easier to create and manage saved filters.
  • Searches entered in the Search test steps now search Visual Editor tests, not just Plain Text tests.
  • You can now use Shift + click to bulk-select items.

In the Run Groups page:

  • There are two new columns of information to help you see important information at a glance: Maximum Failure Retries and Environment.
  • It’s easier to edit settings for individual run groups.