Disable color-blind mode

Rainforest supports color blind mode. But, once you enabled it, you were stuck with it and were unable to go back to 'regular' mode. Now you can.

We now support iPhone 11 Pro Max resolution VM

The new iPhone 11 Pro Max VM on iOS 13 is now available. If you'd like to use this in your testing, please request it via Support.

Make Rainforest work better in IE11

The dev console would throw a ton of errors for our IE11 customers, possibly effecting the experienced. We fixed that.

Microsoft Edge beta browser VM now available

The new Microsoft Edge browser for Windows 10 VM has been added! If you'd like to use this in your testing, please request it via Support.

Exploratory runs now show the year they were run

For customers who have been using Exploratory testing at Rainforest over the years, it could be tough to figure out if the runs listed were from this year or previous years. We've added the ability to see the year of the run.

Update in-app help links

As we have been updating our help center to make it easier for our users, we inadvertently broke some of our links. Our bad. It's fixed.

Using refactor flow now updates 'needs refactor' status

When customers used the refactor flow when categorizing a test, once the refactor was done, we wouldn't remove the status of 'needs refactor' from the test. This made it seem like there was more test maintenance than there was in reality. We now clear the status once the refactored test is rewritten.

Fixed Windows Media Player error on Windows 10 Edge

There was some strange bug that was causing Windows Media Player to keep popping up, which hardly anyone wants to see. Fixed that with extreme prejudice.

New native integration with CircleCI

Rainforest is now an official partner with CircleCI, and plugging Rainforest into your CI/CD is now easier than ever. View all details here: https://circleci.com/orbs/registry/orb/rainforest-qa/rainforest

Easier filtering and viewing of tester comments

Comments from our tester community are valuable pieces of information we give back to you when you execute a test on Rainforest.

Users can now easily filter if a test's last run had comments from a tester on the All Tests page. We've also added a separate column on the Runs and Run Summary page so that you can easily sort by that column.