Schedule Runs in Local Time Zones

Use local (or any) time zone when scheduling runs!

Scheduling runs using UTC can create a lot of confusion and inevitably leads to issues with runs getting scheduled earlier or later, especially after daylight savings time changeovers. Rainforest wants you to be able to schedule runs without having to think about timezones or DST. If you want to schedule a run for every night at 3:00 am local, you can now just set it and forget it.

Rainforest gives you the ability to schedule runs using your local timezone (or whatever timezone you prefer). Runs will get scheduled exactly when you expect them to be. Anywhere you can edit the schedule for a run group (Run Group’s page, Scheduled Run Group’s page in settings), you will now see a dropdown to select the timezone for that particular schedule.

Timezones can be set as simple GMT offsets or can be location-based (e.g. America/New_York). If you choose a location that observes daylight savings time then it will be taken into account when future runs get scheduled. Since timezones can now be set separately for each schedule it allows you to create one schedule for 1:00 AM in New York and a different schedule for 1:00 AM in Los Angeles without having to do any timezone math.

Make fixing failing actions for RFA tests easier

Streamlined maintenance workflow for RFA tests, minimizing the effort needed to keep tests up-to-date as your application evolves.

Keeping RFA tests up-to-date just got easier: once you have a working test suite, the bulk of your interactions with the tests happen when your product changes and the tests have to be updated correspondingly. This often requires looking at the latest test result to understand what changed and fixing screenshots for selected elements.

Both of these tasks are now streamlined: the result view contains easy-to-apply suggestions for screenshot updates, making common changes a breeze. In addition we’ve also refreshed the appearance of the result view to make it more compact, easier on the eye and consistent with test editing.

Additionally, the test editing view now includes context information about the latest run, giving you the relevant information exactly where you need it - so you can update your tests faster.

Android Phone 10.0 available

Android Phone 10.0 is now available as a Mobile Browser VM. It will show up automatically as an available platform option.

Automatically add new VMs to client accounts

Default VMs will automatically be added to Rainforest accounts. You will no longer need to request new VMs to be added. As new VMs are available, they will also be added automatically.

Release new Microsoft Edge based on Chromium on MS Windows 10 VM

New Microsoft Edge based on Chromium on MS Windows 10 VM is now available for use!

Allow Test Designer runs

Allows customers to execute a Test Design run, even if they do not have sufficient credits available. Previously, if there were insufficient credits, Test Design runs would not be allowed to start.

Customers will be able to execute Test Designer runs, regardless of how many credits they may have available. Insufficient credits will be charged at overage rate at the end of the billing cycle

Configurable charts in Reporting

Reporting charts in Rainforest have been the same for all customers. Now, you can customize the reports to fit your organization’s needs.

You can configure each report for your organization that shows up on the Reports page.

Improved Test Case Management

Customize how you want to see your test data using new data table features including reordering columns and showing / hiding columns.

Access your test suite easier and faster with more columns available to use with Saved Filters.

New Test Authoring Interface for Automation

This will allow you to get the desired test coverage faster and drops the cost of test maintenance even further.

Revamped test authoring interface, including the way actions are displayed and how you create and edit them. You can now see more of your test at a quick glance and editing is more intuitive.

RFA Live Preview

Authoring tests is a core part of test suite maintenance. Now with the action live preview you don’t have to leave the test page to see how the changes made to your test actions perform when executed by the automation agent.

Each automated test action block gets a Play button. You can play individual actions and see the result directly in the test-writing VM with minimal delay.