Configurable charts in Reporting

Reporting charts in Rainforest have been the same for all customers. Now, you can customize the reports to fit your organization’s needs.

You can configure each report for your organization that shows up on the Reports page.

Improved Test Case Management

Customize how you want to see your test data using new data table features including reordering columns and showing / hiding columns.

Access your test suite easier and faster with more columns available to use with Saved Filters.

New Test Authoring Interface for Automation

This will allow you to get the desired test coverage faster and drops the cost of test maintenance even further.

Revamped test authoring interface, including the way actions are displayed and how you create and edit them. You can now see more of your test at a quick glance and editing is more intuitive.

RFA Live Preview

Authoring tests is a core part of test suite maintenance. Now with the action live preview you don’t have to leave the test page to see how the changes made to your test actions perform when executed by the automation agent.

Each automated test action block gets a Play button. You can play individual actions and see the result directly in the test-writing VM with minimal delay.

Disable color-blind mode

Rainforest supports color blind mode. But, once you enabled it, you were stuck with it and were unable to go back to 'regular' mode. Now you can.

We now support iPhone 11 Pro Max resolution VM

The new iPhone 11 Pro Max VM on iOS 13 is now available. If you'd like to use this in your testing, please request it via Support.

Make Rainforest work better in IE11

The dev console would throw a ton of errors for our IE11 customers, possibly effecting the experienced. We fixed that.

Microsoft Edge beta browser VM now available

The new Microsoft Edge browser for Windows 10 VM has been added! If you'd like to use this in your testing, please request it via Support.

Exploratory runs now show the year they were run

For customers who have been using Exploratory testing at Rainforest over the years, it could be tough to figure out if the runs listed were from this year or previous years. We've added the ability to see the year of the run.

Update in-app help links

As we have been updating our help center to make it easier for our users, we inadvertently broke some of our links. Our bad. It's fixed.