Safari 14 on macOS

Safari 14 on macOS is now supported in Rainforest

Rainforest has added Safari 14 on macOS Catalina 10.15, the latest Safari desktop browser, to our extensive list of supported browsers and mobile VMs. It has been enabled for all clients and is ready for use. Select it as you would any other browser or mobile VM for test creation and execution.

safari 14.gif

For a full list of web browsers and mobile VMs that you can create and execute Rainforest tests on, see here.

Test creation enhancements

Starting today, it is much easier to create new tests in Rainforest. Now, all that you need to specify is the URL you want to test.

In addition, the method you used to create the test will be saved for next time.


Test Result videos for Safari

Test Results videos available for Safari playback

Rainforest test result video playback has been enhanced to include playback in Safari browsers.


Crowd Tester VMs - ready means ready

All Rainforest crowd jobs have VM preassigned

We used to request VMs when Rainforest Testers got to the tester interface. If the VM was not available, the tester had to keep retrying or abandon. This increased overall test completion time and made it more difficult for us to debug.

VMs are now preassigned to Jobs before they are assigned to testers. That means that testers can simply start testing and not need to wait for a VM. If there are VM availability issues, the job will error prior to tester assignment, allowing for more efficient identification and debugging.

iOS 14

iOS 14 on iPhone Pro Max 11 now available!

The World is on the move and testing on the latest mobile devices is essential to ensure a smooth experience for your clients. Rainforest now supports iOS 14 Beta 4 on iPhone Pro Max. Extend your mobile testing experience!


For a full listing of all the platforms Rainforest supports see here. To enable this latest mobile offering, please see your CSM or contact support at

Detailed Test Writing Service & Exploratory information

See how you've benefited from Rainforest Exploratory and Test Writing Services.

We've updated the information on the Exploratory and Test Writing Services usage cards so you can see exactly how you have used these services. The exploratory card shows how much time Rainforest testers have spent searching for potential issues on your site and how many bug reports they have generated. These are actual Rainforest tests that you can continue to run and update to increase your test coverage.


The Test Writing Services card now details how many tests Rainforest has written and re-written so you can see exactly how much time you have been able to save your team by offloading these activities to Rainforest.

See more information on Test Writing Services and Exploratory testing or contact

Quicker Rainforest Automation

A more responsive experience writing Rainforest Automation tests.

Rainforest Automation is No Code Automation Testing. We continue to improve the test authoring experience. We've enhanced our infrastructure, making instant replay quicker and more reliable. Selection of actions and starting, stopping of Instant Replay is quicker, making your test writing experience easier.

For additional information on Rainforest Automation - see here or contact

Test Writing Service browser selection

Request Test Writing Service (TWS) on any browser

You may now use any browser that is enabled for you to request Test Writing Services.

Use Rainforest Test Writing Service to initiate a new test writing request, import tests from TestRail, request a test to be rewritten or convert your test to Rainforest Automation. We have specially trained testers (test writers) create and update your test cases using high-level test outlines about the desired tests to receive passing tests within a few days.


See here or contact for more information.

CI Sample Repo

More CI workflow samples, making it easier for you to include Rainforest tests into your CI workflow

Incorporating Rainforest tests into your CI workflow adds value by allowing you to test earlier and more often, catching issues earlier on the process when they are easier and less expensive to fix. We have added examples of how to integrate Rainforest tests into your CI workflow to make the process as easy as possible. See our updated CI Sample repo for examples and detailed information.

Screen Recording 2020-08-11 at 03.20 PM.gif

Examples and information is provided for Circle CI, Jenkins, and Travis that need simple modifications for your use.

Rerun failed tests via the CLI and CircleCI

Now when a Rainforest run reports failed tests in CI/CD - retest only those failing tests.

The latest version of our CLI, v2.16, adds a rerun command which behaves exactly like the “Rerun Failed Tests” button on the Test Results page in the application.

As with the rest of our CLI this was built with CI in mind. Use the rerun command when retrying CI builds to significantly shorten your time to release.

This functionality is baked into the latest version of our CircleCI orb, v2.0, to automatically rerun failed Rainforest tests when rerunning a failed CircleCI workflow.

Rerunning a single failed test rather than our full release suite

Read more about our CLI and CircleCI integration in our Help Center.