Edit Embedded Test

You may now edit embedded tests from any test they are embedded into!


Previously, when editing a test and you found you needed to edit an embedded test, you needed to click through to the step that needed editing.

Now, just click the pencil, edit, and confirm changes. Changes made to the embedded test will be updated to all tests the test is imbedded in.

Improvements to Jira Ticket Export

We’ve redesigned the actions header when looking at a failed result to be easier to use. Here are the changes:


  • From the single failed test result view, the “Go To Test” button is now an icon next to the title of the test. Clicking this button will open the test in a new tab
  • A new “Actions” button includes Failure Categorization and Export to JIRA functionality
  • You are now able to easily select which JIRA project you want to export to from the Actions button

New: Search Test Steps and Filter Experience

From the Features or All Tests views, you can now search inside tests for any string of characters and Rainforest will return the tests that contain the searched-for term!

Searching test steps can be combined with the Test Title or ID search, and any filter. This allows you to pinpoint tests that you need to take action on.


Note for our users who require HIPAA: the new Filter experience is available, but searching test steps will not appear due to compliance reasons.

New: Assign owners to your tests

Now you can assign owners to a test! This feature can be used to indicate the test subject matter expert or owner of the features associated with the test.

To update the test owner, just navigate to the test view and look for the new Test Owner field on the top right.

You can also filter by test owner to see all the tests owned by that person. Just open up the filters in the test list and look for the "Owner" filter.

Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 1.56.54 PM.png

Test Writing Helpers

We've released in-app Test Writing Helpers! These in-app helpers appear in the test view when you update test instructions. They are designed to help you write more reliable, consistent tests by making sure that your instructions aren't too long and testers execute your tests as intended.

image_preview (4).png

Results Categorization Updates

We’ve made two improvements to the results categorization feature in Rainforest:

  • Sort test failures by review status. On the run summary page, you can click on the “Reviewed Status” category to sort. This lets you view the various review categories at a glance, and quickly identify any test results that are still unreviewed.

  • Leave notes on test results. Rainforest users can now leave notes with each test result that’s reviewed. This can be done from the test result view or the run summary page. Once you review a test result, a label will show up – simply hover on this label to view the note.

iOS 12 on iPhoneX and iPad Air 2

Rainforest now supports the latest Apple operating system - iOS 12 on both the iPhone X and iPad Air 2. You may now run tests against the latest mobile operating system from Apple. All Rainforest clients that take advantage of our mobile testing platform have access to this offering.

Reporting on bugs caught over time by Rainforest

You can now view the number of bugs caught by Rainforest over a specific period of time, as well as stats on who has been reviewing and triaging run results.

Just click on the Reporting tab and look for two new cards under the “Results” header: “failure categories over time” and “’reviewed by’ stats.” With these new cards, you can see the distribution of failure categories including bugs, system issues and tests needing refactor.

This data is based on the failure categories selected by your team while triaging failures, using the Change Review” dropdown on the test result or run summary page.

Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 12.18.50 AM.png

Add a new step anywhere on a test

You can now add a new step anywhere in a Rainforest test using our UI. Just hover your mouse in the area where you want to add a step to reveal an “Add Step” button. You can click the arrow to add an embedded test, if you'd like. Previously you could only add a new step to the bottom of a test. Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 11.27.36 PM.png

CLI: Download tests with embedded steps flattened

With version 2.10.0 of the CLI we have introduced a new flag: --flatten-steps. This flag is used with the download command to download the tests with steps flattened. This means that any embedded tests present in the test will show up as text, rather than as a reference to the embedded test.

Read more about the CLI on our documentation page.

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