Rainforest QA changelog
Rainforest QA changelog

Rainforest Test Editor Actions Updates

Rainforest tests are now even easier to write!

Actions are the building blocks of our Rainforest Test Editor experience. To make test writing easier, we have condensed actions and made them more versatile. For example, we had several variants of the Navigate action to support browsing to a URL in a new, incognito or the current tab. Now, you can find these variations as options of the same “Navigate” action - and we’ve cleaned up a bunch of other actions in the same way. We’ve also reorganized and refreshed the visual style to make actions easier to find and read.


For full details on how we have made test writing and actions easier see here.

Latest Safari 14 BETA on macOS Big Sur

Test on the latest Safari 14 BETA on macOS Big Sur

As Apple continues to push the web forward by updating Safari, it's important you keep your testing up-to-date as well. That's why we're happy to announce that you can now test your application against the latest Safari Technology Preview using Rainforest.

To do so, select "Apple Safari 14 Technology Preview - macOS 11.0 Big Sur" as the testing platform for your run.

We will be tracking updates for the Safari Technology Preview on this platform - keeping it automatically up to date so you can test on the bleeding edge.

For a full list of supported platforms, please see here.

Screen Shot 2020-12-11 at 1.50.45 PM.png

iPad Air iOS 14

iPad Air iOS 14 now available in Rainforest

Rainforest has further expanded our list of virtualized mobile web options for creating and executing tests. iPad Air iOS 14 has been enabled for all clients and is ready for your use. Rainforest now supports iOS 9, 11, 12, 13, and 14 on iPad devices.

We have an extensive list of Apple iPhones, Android phones, and Android tablets as well! For a full list of web browsers and mobile VMs, see here.

ios 14.gif

Run Test updates

In recent months we have conducted several customer-feedback sessions. To understand which workflows make the most sense for our core interfaces. As a result of this, we’ve made some updates to the in-app Run creation experience.

Rebuilding many parts from the ground up. It is now much more intelligent based on the type of tests selected. Requirements to start a Run have been optimized so there's less to think about upfront. No need worry though, as deeper options for customization are still available and remain just a click away.

For more information check out our documentation here.

Creating Rainforest Automation Tests

We've rebuilt the interface from the ground up, emphasizing core features. As soon as you open a test, the virtual machine will navigate to your site focusing on the most important thing, writing tests. We've nestled things like test settings and run history away to help you focus on writing and previewing actions. For more information on how to create Rainforest Automation tests see here.

Safari 14 on macOS

Safari 14 on macOS is now supported in Rainforest

Rainforest has added Safari 14 on macOS Catalina 10.15, the latest Safari desktop browser, to our extensive list of supported browsers and mobile VMs. It has been enabled for all clients and is ready for use. Select it as you would any other browser or mobile VM for test creation and execution.

safari 14.gif

For a full list of web browsers and mobile VMs that you can create and execute Rainforest tests on, see here.

Test creation enhancements

Starting today, it is much easier to create new tests in Rainforest. Now, all that you need to specify is the URL you want to test.

In addition, the method you used to create the test will be saved for next time.


Test Result videos for Safari

Test Results videos available for Safari playback

Rainforest test result video playback has been enhanced to include playback in Safari browsers.


Crowd Tester VMs - ready means ready

All Rainforest crowd jobs have VM preassigned

We used to request VMs when Rainforest Testers got to the tester interface. If the VM was not available, the tester had to keep retrying or abandon. This increased overall test completion time and made it more difficult for us to debug.

VMs are now preassigned to Jobs before they are assigned to testers. That means that testers can simply start testing and not need to wait for a VM. If there are VM availability issues, the job will error prior to tester assignment, allowing for more efficient identification and debugging.

iOS 14

iOS 14 on iPhone Pro Max 11 now available!

The World is on the move and testing on the latest mobile devices is essential to ensure a smooth experience for your clients. Rainforest now supports iOS 14 Beta 4 on iPhone Pro Max. Extend your mobile testing experience!


For a full listing of all the platforms Rainforest supports see here. To enable this latest mobile offering, please see your CSM or contact support at support@rainforestqa.com.