Rainforest QA changelog
Rainforest QA changelog

Android 12 BETA Phone available





Access to the latest Android OS

Rainforest continues to provide the latest in mobile platforms. Android 12 BETA is now available for you to use in your tests. Once Android 12 is GA’d by Google, we will automatically update the Android 12 BETA platform to Android 12 for you. We have added this platform to all clients that have mobile platforms. If you don’t have mobile available, please contact us at support@rainforestqa.com to upgrade and learn more. We now support Android 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 Beta. We also support iOS 9, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 iPhone and iPad simulators as well.

Rainforest supports Android tablets and many Apple iPhone and iPad simulators. For a full list of web browsers and mobile VMs see here.

Automation Video Playback





Adjust video playback speed for more effective test review and auditing.

Test execution by the Automation Service is very snappy, making it difficult to see what happened when reviewing the video playback of results. So we made it easier to see what happened during test execution by making it possible to slow down or speed up the playback - now you can watch the critical parts of your tests in slow-mo!


To do this when reviewing test results and video recording, simply use the speed control in the lower right hand corner of the video playback to select between x0.25, x0.75, normal, and x2 playback speeds.


For more information on how to work with automation service results see our help center documentation here.

iPhone 12 iOS 15 available





Test on the latest Apple iOS

On the tail of Android 12 BETA, Rainforest now offers iPhone 12 on iOS 15 for your testing purposes. We have added this platform to all clients that have mobile. If you don’t have mobile available, please contact us at support@rainforestqa.com to upgrade and learn more. Rainforest supports testing iOS 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, and now 15 on iPhones. Additionally, we provide options for Android mobile testing on Android 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 Beta.


For a full list of web browsers and mobile VMs see here.

Debug Automation Service Results with Confidence





Detailed information on why a step passed or failed.

We know that a solid understanding of why a step passed or failed is critical to having confidence in your test suite. To help with that understanding, we've added more details to your Automation Service results. We provide all the information on how we matched an element, why we failed a step, and provide the ability to update the step to make it easy to keep tests accurate and up to date.

User-uploaded image: NoTextMatch_WithSuggestion.png

For steps where a visual match wasn't possible, we'll show you what the screen looked like when we checked for your target element. If the element we observed is slightly different from the target image, we'll suggest updating the target with what we found to make it easy to keep tests accurate and up to date. Just select Update Target to update the test step.

For more information, see here.

Download HTTP Logs and Videos for Automated runs





HTTP Logs and videos available for download Running a test is important, but the real goal is the results. When a test doesn't pass, you need detailed information to diagnose the problem and find a solution. Rainforest tests run with our Automation Service now provide HTTP logs and video downloads to aid this process.

Video playback has always been available and is a great way to review tests. Now with downloads, it's even easier to share that insight with your team. Simply select Download, then HTTP Logs or Video.

You can watch your videos using any mp4 player and review HTTP logs using your preferred text editor or an HTTP Archive Viewer like this Google Chrome extension.

Creating Run Groups is easier and clearer





Test organization is critical to a successful testing strategy and Rainforest just made creating and managing Run Groups easier, clearer, and more efficient.

Rainforest Run Groups are a container that helps you to organize your test suite by letting you group tests with how and when to run them. This is a lot of information. To make it easier to manage Run Groups we redesigned our Run Group creation and editing modals. The same information is available in the new design as was available before - and because it now has the same design as the Test Creation modal, it’s easier to understand and use.

For more on creating Run Groups, check out our help center here.

Android 11 Phone is here





Rainforest has further expanded our mobile web options. Your clients are on the move and Rainforest provides the latest mobile devices to test your application. Android 11.0 Phone is enabled and is ready for use. Rainforest now supports Android 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 along with iOS 9, 11, 12, 13, and 14 on Phone simulators.


In addition, we also support Android tablets and many Apple iPhone and iPad simulators as well! For a full list of web browsers and mobile VMs that we support, see here.

Rainforest Automation is now quicker!





We have optimized how our automation engine interprets steps and increased the speed during both the writing and execution of the tests. On average tests now run 20% faster, meaning you can test your application even quicker and keep your deployment pipeline moving!

Rainforest Test Editor Actions Updates





Rainforest tests are now even easier to write!

Actions are the building blocks of our Rainforest Test Editor experience. To make test writing easier, we have condensed actions and made them more versatile. For example, we had several variants of the Navigate action to support browsing to a URL in a new, incognito or the current tab. Now, you can find these variations as options of the same “Navigate” action - and we’ve cleaned up a bunch of other actions in the same way. We’ve also reorganized and refreshed the visual style to make actions easier to find and read.


For full details on how we have made test writing and actions easier see here.

Latest Safari 14 BETA on macOS Big Sur





Test on the latest Safari 14 BETA on macOS Big Sur

As Apple continues to push the web forward by updating Safari, it's important you keep your testing up-to-date as well. That's why we're happy to announce that you can now test your application against the latest Safari Technology Preview using Rainforest.

To do so, select "Apple Safari 14 Technology Preview - macOS 11.0 Big Sur" as the testing platform for your run.

We will be tracking updates for the Safari Technology Preview on this platform - keeping it automatically up to date so you can test on the bleeding edge.

For a full list of supported platforms, please see here.

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